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Find simple ways you can help today! Slava Ukraini


Ukraine Charities


Open your home

Do you have a holiday home or spare room? Register your room today to help displaced Ukrainian refugees. Send us links to other sites supporting refugee accommodation

Speak Russian?

Join “Call a Russian” a Lithuania-launched initiative aims to counter Russian propaganda, one phone call at a time.

Social Warriors

Become a savvy social warrior by learning to counteract the mis-information. How to stay safe and generate the right kind of interaction for good media articles!

Sing their story

Music echoes through the years blending past, present, and future. Amazing array of old, new and reimagined music 

Power Consumption

Turn it off, grab a blanket and support renewable energy. Russian oil and gas funds their war engine. Using less worldwide will free countries dependent on Russia.

Lower Expectations

Fuel, shipping, food and many other goods will rise in price. Putin is counting on you getting fed up with it. Be patient, spend wisely or wait. All countries share the burden of shortages and rising costs.

Boycott Russian Goods

Dollars or lives? Russian products come with a high cost to humanity. Our products have higher upfront costs as we provide better quality, working conditions and social services. We encourage you to Vote with your wallet!


Get your friends and family to join you in a local protest or start one. Print one of our free protest banners. You can also donate posters for others to use!

Videos & Articles

A collection of current reports and historical videos about Ukraine. Support the channels that interest you most by subscribing. Fill the internet with the truth.


Sign a Petition

Show your support, add your name to worldwide and local petitions. We are looking for links to Government online petition websites. Create petitions and send us links!

Write a Letter

Got Russian friends and family? Write a letter, include some images. Russians have been lied to about Ukraine. It is our responsibility to talk to them.

Defend Ukraine

The International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine.  Volunteers from any country can apply to join the resistance against Russian occupiers.

Ban Russian Media

Support local bans on Russian media propaganda channels. Encourage your Government to do as other European countries have. Stop Russian government attempts to influence the world.

Food Shortages

Conflict is the biggest cause of hunger globally. Ukraine produces around 11% wheat and 17% corn for the world export market. 

Help by lowering your demand for these products, measure accurately, freeze, share or waste less.

Slava Ukraini

Every kindness helps raise hope and save lives. Volunteer for a charity near you.

Be strong, be brave like the Ukrainians have shown us we can be.


You can help by donating to one of the listed verified charities. We have provided a selection of charities from Children, Food, humanitarian or Military aid.

Nuclear Threat

We created these weapons and enabled their spread. We have a duty to find leverage and defense against their use. They win while we refuse to act in fear.

Planes for Ukraine

Ukraine has pilots, they need planes, drones and anti-air systems. Ukraine is requesting old soviet era equipment they are trained on. This enables donating countries to upgrade aging hardware.

Support Local Change

Global change can seem hard to see results. We suggest you focus on local change. Donate your time or resources  to a humanitarian effort. Form local groups and gather ideas of safe actions you can take.  


Have your say and submit articles, charities, posters and media links via our contact page. Our power is greater when we work collectively.

Ukraine the fearless bold heart of Europe!

Our mission is to create a central place people can get verified links to charities, media and ideas. Simple things people can do from home to ensure Ukraine wins!


The horrors of war are hard on the heart. Do not shield your eyes or soften the truth. We must bear witness for the trials of war criminals and record the names of the lost for the grieving. Failure to recognize the level of tragedy or to become immune to news would make us complicit in Russia’s crimes.

Be strong, be brave, like the Ukrainians have shown us we can be.


To counteract the mis-information wave we need to generate interaction on good media articles! Social media’s sharing algorithm considers views, likes, dislikes and comments total value when ranking articles.


  • You watch a good video and move on (interaction = 1).
  • You watch, like and say thanks in comments (interaction = 3).
  • You watch a bad video, comment in anger, dislike and fight with a troll (interaction 4+ number of replies).

In this simplified example you can see how the imbalance quickly gets out of hand on social media.

More interaction will swing the algorithm in our favor.


Tips on how to promote good content.

  • DO NOT interact with misinformation
  • REPORT misinformation to the platform host
  • SHARE  good well sourced articles
  • PROMOTE and like only factual information.
  • UNDERSTAND any interaction with a bad article such as a comment, like or dislike, raises its chance of being seen again.


Russia cannot be allowed to win again.

  • Bombed Chechnya
  • Invaded Georgia
  • Seized Crimea
  • Assisted Assad in Syria
  • Worldwide cyber attacks

Putin should not be rewarded to leave. Russia should be crippled into compliance. The world condemned Russia, promised to help, wrote stern letters. The US said a line was crossed in Crimea. All failed to take strong action. It was not enough then and its not enough now.




Ready for Action

You can make a difference

Want to fight for Ukraine? Here’s what to do.

President Volodymyr Zelensky created The International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine so volunteers from any country can join the resistance against Russian occupiers. Not all personnel are accepted. The button below takes you to the official site and instruction on how to apply.

English and Ukraine Media Channels

We are looking for reliable information sources available in English and Ukrainian.
You can submit a suggestion on the contat us page.
Media links  will take you off this site.


UA|TV is a 24/7 international broadcaster that targets broad audiences. Our goal is to deliver objective, relevant and interesting information about Ukraine. 


Tvoe Misto

Independent Lviv media agency trying to correct propaganda and misinformation. Available in multiple languages.


Homes for Refugees


How you can help a family

Message us links to other charities providing homes.

Ukraine Take Shelter

Refugees at Home

Putin’s Old Russia

Putin’s vision of a reunited Russia includes NATO countries. We believe Putin will attack non-NATO members first. Ukraine is the largest land mass of these countries.

Call a Russian

Can you speak Russian? a Lithuania-launched initiative aims to counter Russian propaganda, one phone call at a time They are looking for Russian speaking volunteers.

As bombs and rockets rain down on Ukrainian cities and towns, we must bypass Putin’s lies and bring the truth to the Russians. These are people who have been lied to for decades about what is happening in Ukraine now. It is our responsibility and our duty to talk to them.